Coursera, being an MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses ) platform, has a problem which is not necessarily a problem for its business, but an issue.

According to a recent study, targeted at coursera specifically, it has been identified that less than 10% of the people enrolling for a course actually complete the course entirely.

If we keep aside the statistics, and look at the numbers, there are still thousands of students getting educated every day. That’s a huge impact on society.

We will be trying to increase that percentage with this assignment.

We will start with deducing the UNDERSTANDING

I was planning to spend my Sunday afternoon by sleeping on a comfortable bed, but life had different plans. I ended up having a heated argument with a friend on the typical iPhone vs Android topic.

To quote, his statement was:

“That’s a huge misconception. People buy it because it’s better than others”

Not just that this misconception is not true, there are misconceptions about Android phones being better than iPhones as well.

After that argument ended, I realized, you cannot really compare iPhones to Androids. Why you may ask ?

Because, there are usually 3–4 iPhones launched every year…

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I was watching TV while scrolling through my Instagram feed and I stumbled upon something.

A short IGTV video showing a small scene from ‘Young Sheldon’ series, and was enough for me to turn my attention towards itself completely. It was the episode where Sheldon’s big brother Georgie, wanted to get rich real quick, and seemed heavily inspired to do so.

Interestingly, he goes to a store which is running out of business , and bargains with the lady behind the counter to sell him 52 Texas Snow Globes for 35$.

Now, a…

There is no Difference between UI and UX Designing.

Its like comparing Apples and Oranges. They are two completely different things.

Let’s first understand the origination of both terms.


User Interface and User Experience are usually used together nowadays. Companies looking to hire designers often put up ;

“Looking for a UI/UX Designer with <number> years of experience”

User Interface is a term which is as old as the computers itself. It is a layout through which humans and machines interact with each other.

User experience on the other hand, is a relatively new term. It was Don Norman who helped coin the term User Experience while working at…

Source : unsplash

If you have landed on this page after searching it on Google or any other search engine, I am sure you already have a opinion on the topic.

There is a Layman version of what a User Experience Designer (UX Designer) does. People think UX Designers create apps.

Now as a matter of fact, UX Designers do create apps. But that’s not exactly it.

Kaustubh Mokashi

A Product Designer by profession, I have unpopular opinions on popular topics.

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